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Together with our world-class teachers we offer a colorful mix in Forró styles: Universitário, Pé Descalço, Itaúnas/Roots, Eletrônico.

The endless creativity and passion of our talented teachers especially shows in their numerous classes and workshops over the world, which are influenced by the richness of Brazilian rhythms, as well as other dance styles from Brazilian ballroom (Samba de gafieira, Brazilian Zouk, etc.) for some extra spice.

Eight classes, three teacher, every week. Joining is possible at any time!

Your favourite courses every weekday!

Forró in 2024, starting on 8th January

DayBlock 1Block 2TeachersLocation
19:00 – 20:15
Forró Beginners
20:30 – 21:45
Study Group
(Intermediate & Advanced)
Valmir Coelho
Bruna Vaz
The Veggiezz
Kaiserstr. 21
19:00 – 20:15
Forró Open Level
20:30 – 21:45
Brazilian Ballroom
(Samba de Gafieira, Zouk, Bolero,
Samba Rock, Soltinho)
Fábio ReisThe Veggiezz
Kaiserstr. 21
19:30 – 20:45
Forró Open Level
20:45 – 22:00
Forró Open Level
Fábio ReisPirouette
Sophienstr. 128
19:45 – 21:00
Forró Intermediate
21:00 – 22:15
Forró Advanced
Valmir Coelho
Bruna Vaz
Sophienstr. 59
Friday19:00 – 21:30
*Practice Night
Kaiserstr. 21

*) Practice Night is open for everyone (3€), and free for class participants.

Which class is for me?

Everyone can join the beginner and open level classes. If you were in intermediate/advanced course with Valmir and Bruna before, you can sign up for that level again.

To participate in the intermediate and advanced classes a certain skillset/level is required. Therefore the teachers can reassign you to a more appropriate level. This is meant to improve your learning experience. The teachers will decide, which level are fit for your current experience, and whether you are ready for the next level.

The StudyGroup is reserved for students in intermediate and/or advanced classes. Students are going to have guided practices (reviewing movements, working with slow/fast songs, arrastapé, variations for movements, arms and legs drawing, etc), where they can also get personal feedbacks from the teachers.

If you are still unsure, ask our teachers/team. We will help you find the perfect course for you.

Who are eligible to register as student?

  • Bachelor/master students of a university or academy
  • Trainees and apprentices in a vocational training
  • any student under 18 years old.

Postdoctorate and PhD candidate are NOT student in our case.

After registration, please send a digital copy of your student identification/certification to membership@forroinkarlsruhe.de


Since 2023 we have three world class teachers in our team: Fábio Reis, Bruna Vaz and Valmir Coelho. Each of them are known for their performing and teaching skills around the world. Read more about their teaching methods in their profile page!

Fábio Reis

Fábio Reis

Karlsruhe, São Paulo More …
Bruna Vaz

Bruna Vaz

Stuttgart, Belo Horizonte More …
Valmir Coelho

Valmir Coelho

Stuttgart, Belo Horizonte More …


You can visit spontaneously to a class, get a multiple-class ticket or join our monthly subscription.


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3-class ticket

per ticket

50 Non-member
40 Student
40 Member

  • flexible, any classes
  • 3 classes à 75 min
  • valid for two months
  • *Practice Night on 3 Fridays included


per month

from 65 Non-member
from 45 Student
from 50 Member

  • combine your classes
  • Each class à 75 min
  • three teachers, 8 classes
  • *Practice Night included

The minimum subscription period is 3 months. The contract could be terminated with one month’s notice thereafter. Here is the complete pricing table for the monthly subscription:

*class / weekNon-MembersStudentsMembers
1 class€ 65€ 45€ 50
2 classes€ 80€ 60€ 65
3 classes€ 95€ 75€ 80
4-5 classes€ 110€ 90€ 95
6-8 classes€ 120€ 100€ 105

*) Practice Night on Friday is included in all price.

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