01 Jan

Percussions Workshop with Johann (Forró de KA/BRASILIANOS)

Januar 21, 2023 um 18:30
Kaiserstraße 21
76131 Karlsruhe

In the evening we will have a party at The Veggiezz (Kaiserstraße 21) with DJ Jeff and a concert with Trio Araucaria from 19h30-1h. Tickets available at the entrance only.

As a bonus for early visitors, we have a Percussions Workshop with Johann at 18h30. It is included in the entry for the concert / party, but you still have to register here!

Johann Ahl de Oliveira from Forró de KA and BRASILIANOS (formerly known as Duo Ahlmeida).

Learn to hear and beat the rhythms and sounds of Forró. Try different percussion instruments such as the zabumba, the triangel or the pandeiro. And your body!

Cost: Party inclusive (€10/€12). Cash on-site.